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Everything we do at Hunting in Australia is in the belief that we can challenge the status quo.

Hunting in Australia aims to challenge the status quo.

We get tired of the usual online marketing hype that doesn’t accurately represent the Australian experience. Our goal is to help Australian hunters, to find the best possible knowledge and equipment to suit their needs.

We are supported by our audience. Our content contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission. We only recommend what we believe to be the best and we do not accept money for reviews.

Animal Welfare

Much of hunting in Australia revolves around the control of pest and feral animal species.

We strongly recommend the guidelines for such practices at PestSmart.

If you have any animal welfare concerns the best avenue is to contact RSPCA Australia.


Political debate is a part of Australian society. Feel free to discuss your views with your local politician or political party.

Another excellent forum for debate on the use of hunting firearms in Australia is at the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia.




Working in one of Australia’s busiest rural gun shops for years gave Luke a broad experience across both practical and technical aspects of hunting.

Dissatisfaction with the information available online about hunting from an Australian perspective, served as the impetus for the establishment of the Hunting in Australia website.



Brought up in rural Australia where pest control is a part of everyday life, it was fortunate that good mentors were available to give a sound background to effective firearm management and safety.

Some years in the Australian infantry built on that knowledge. A stint at university doing physics helped concrete the understanding of the technical side of ballistics.

Still has a lot to learn  mood

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